The Grape to Glass Experience

Want to impress your friends at the next get together with your expert knowledge of wine making and tasting techniques? Or just wondered how on earth it gets from a vine and onto the shelf as a bottle of wine?

Then wait no longer this is your chance!

Here at Adgestone Vineyard, we offer you the whole Grape to Glass experience. With the latest in digital audio technology, you will be guided around the 10 acre site amongst the many varieties of vines. You'll learn all aspects of viticulture, the growing season and some interesting history leading up to the successful modern English Wines. Heading into one of the last remaining subterranean commercial cellars, you will see the vast array of fermentation vats and bottling equipment, the grape press and labelling process.

Your 1 hour tour will leave you amazed at the involved process we go through to turn a small plant into an award winning English Wine, and no doubt full of questions for our experienced staff. But that's not the end of your tour, you still need to become the expert sommelier and we will be only too pleased to help you get there. A 30 minute wine tasting session will give you all the knowledge you need to impress your friends at the next social gathering. We'll teach you tasting techniques, suggest what to look for in English Wines and give you chance to sample all 6 wines from our range. You'll be swirling and slurping before you know it.....just try not to laugh to much on the first few attempts.

If you are coming with a young family, don't worry the kids will love it too. As you listen to the tour, they'll be searching for cartoon and film characters on a treasure hunt. Who knows, if they do well, they may even win a packet of sweets.

Bookings not required, just come along and enjoy yourself. Large groups please call first. Adults £8, under 18's free

Audio Tour

Sample our tour and indulge yourself in the English Wine experience.