It is thought the Romans were growing vines here on our slopes some 2000 years ago. During the winter of 2013, we planted 120 vines at the Brading Roman Villa, just 200m down the road to re-join our ancient ties. Of course, English-Wines of that era tasted quite differently and it wasn't until the middle of the 20th century that a few pioneering gents changed history.

One of them, Mr Ken Barlow searched the south coast for the "perfect vine growing location", and so began Adgestone Vineyard in 1968. The chalky south facing slopes and almost frost free microclimate makes for an advantage seen in very few English counties. Coupled to that the 6 purpose built subterranean cellars maintaining a steady 11oC, it all makes for an environment where the vines can grow without using insecticides, the juice can ferment and the wine can mature naturally without additives or hi-tech chemistry.

Adgestone Vineyard grows a good variety of vines. To cope with our relatively mild climate, most varieties have been selected from countries of similar environmental conditions. Varieties currently grown for wine making are: